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Open Letter to Ivanka Trump

Dear Ivanka,

I am writing this open letter in hopes it reaches you. From a distance, I have seen your strength and calm. I have also seen the strength and resolve of a group of people who are bravely defending both their property rights and their health. I am speaking about the Native Americans protesting the destruction of their property that is on land that was given to them in a treaty with the United States. They want to stop construction of a pipeline that will cross the Missouri River because they fear that once the pipeline is built, the risk of a leak is too great.  They fear the possibility that oil will contaminate the water for them and for everyone down river.  There are many historical examples of this type of occurrence happening.

I believe if your father had been legally given land (from the government) that he then used for something he cherished, and then that same government broke the treaty and also threatened to destroy what he cherished, he would react strongly.  I believe your father would fearlessly be hiring his best lawyers to stop the government from enacting that scenario.

Throughout this political campaign I have seen your father show his great respect and admiration for you, your judgment and your choices in marriage and religion. I believe, he respects the miracle of life, the pursuit of religion and the honoring of the sacred ways people choose to respect and honor each other.  

It appears you are the “Athena” for your father. A Goddess of Wisdom, who sits on his shoulder and gives wise counsel.  It is clear that he believes in pursuing developing natural resources for energy. He supports fracking, drilling and mining.  I am not asking him to stop what he believes.  

My prayer is that he helps his friends in those industries to understand and respect the lives and beliefs of the people who are on the land they want to use.  He can convince those companies to adapt, change routes, and find new ways to accomplish their goals, collaborating with the tribes so that tribal land, treaties, and their wishes for how to preserve their culture and their lives are respected.

Ivanka, whisper in his ear and open his heart. Be his Athena, the owl who sits on his shoulder, who can see through all the chaos of reactivity and single-minded pursuits. Help him to remember the heart of wisdom.  If he does this, and demonstrates his support for these people, he redefines this country. Government must care about all the children of America - all races, cultures, and beliefs that live here. Help him to understand that for America to have healthy children, they need for their parents to not afraid, or belittled, or harassed or disrespected. Help him to demonstrate his great heart, by honoring the treaty and the people of Standing Rock as a shining example of gratitude.  

It is almost the time of Thanksgiving - a time when the people of America are enacting gratitude to the Native Americans for teaching us how to survive in a new world. They saved our lives and made it possible for us to create America. That generosity of heart came from the roots of “their ways.’ It is time for our government to demonstrate true gratitude to Native Peoples by respecting the stance at Standing Rock that will preserve and protect generations to come.  

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