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The Stones

The ranger said they had been buried.
Erosion had clawed, scratched and washed
The dirt away until they were revealed.
But, I think they were placed there long ago
By Gods who had kept them in their pockets
Until they could not help themselves
But to put them on the earth
Like jewels.
Humans have adorned themselves for thousands of years,
Why not she who birthed us?
Earth freed us out of single space.  
She cracked the sky with a needle, made a spark,
Then brought it to the Gods, in her tender hands.
She said, “Show the souls.
Give them a place.
Tell them to come here.”
Sitting amongst small and giant boulders perched upon each other
Like thoughts jumbled together that somehow find form,
I see her stones laced into patterns
Of necklaces and bracelets, rich with secrets.
Her light calls to those who long to touch God.  
Come to your mother.
Caress her form.
Breathe. Feel. Sleep. Dream.
Come wake your heart in its deepest places.
Remember how beauty sings
In the day, the night,
The sound, the silence.

© 2010 Lisa Rafel
Inspired by Joshua Tree, California

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