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About the Book & CD

Safe In The Arms Of Love was designed to help establish a deep sense of connection and unconditional love between parent and child.

This is a scientifically designed and musically inspired product specifically created to enhance a loving and successful bonding experience for both parent and child.

What Research Taught Us

New clinical research shows us that without a successful bonding process during the early developmental period before and after birth, there can be a serious compromise in the physiological development of the brain’s capacity for relationship, communication, self-regulation, and compassion for others.

Neuroscientists, physicians and psychologists all agree that the bonding experience is essential for the proper formation of these capacities. Yet, for the four million babies born in the United States every year, many of them never experience a successful bonding relationship with their parents.  While this is a complex problem that calls for many cultural strategies, we believe that we’ve created a resource that could provide a significant benefit towards this predicament. 

Safe in the Arms of Love supports the new research that confirms the bonding/attachment process as a significant component in a baby’s initial brain development.

The Music

The music creates an environment that offers a calming and heart-connecting experience that enhances the bonding process between parent and newborn.

The songs, sung by artists from different cultural backgrounds, are surrounded by musical interludes that provide parents intimate time to interact with their baby. The recording was thoughtfully designed to play for the length of a typical nursing experience and includes lulling music at the end to support putting the child to sleep.

The Book

The book is informative, inspiring and beautifully illustrated. The book includes poems, instructions for use, information about the power of music, and guides parents on how to use this resource to the best advantage

This CD/gift book is a perfect keepsake for parents and grandparents alike.


We have tested Positive Intention Music™ with many new parents who have unanimously described it as “a powerful heart-opening experience” (that they used with great frequency). It is a product that they highly recommend for others.

Tested and evaluated by parents of pre and perinatal infants as well as toddlers at a therapeutic pediatric facility, the results of the evaluations have been consistently enthusiastic. We learned that the music has the power to significantly enhance the depth of the bonding process, resulting in a more heartfelt and intimate experience. Our results show that in a therapeutic setting, the music positively impacts the babies’ ability to regulate their breathing and to calm down. 


We believe that devoting quality time to a successful bonding experience is the most important commitment a parent can make to support their child’s optimal physical and psychological development. 

Safe In The Arms Of Love can be used as an effective way to deepen the heartfelt connection for both parent and child, in the home, as well as in the hospital setting.