"This work is amazingly real and integrates all the parts of who I am."
- Chana Fitton, CFO, Rippel Foundation

"Working with Lisa as your guiding soul, puts the difficult, painful work of true growth within your reach. Under her guidance, you just need the courage to take the step."
- Maureen D. Tichy

“Lisa’s teaching approach is direct and powerful, helping us to dig down and find the authentic voice within.”
- Hope Fitzgerald


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Lisa's company, Resonant Sounds, LLC  creates musical environments and products for parents and their babies.

Lisa offers classes to help you achieve your goals.

• Your Amazing Voice
Vocal Sound Healing™
• Healing Others
• Utilizing Positive Intention Music™



Lisa Rafel is an internationally recognized teacher and expert in sound and energy healing, author/composer, performer and chantress.

Through Lisa's transformative approach, people experience better health and gain greater clarity about themselves. Courageous compassion, embodied alignment, voice and sound, and access to powerful resonant fields are core elements of her work.

Lisa’s organization, Resonant Sounds, LLC provides to companies and individual consumers products that enhance Positive Emotional Resonance™ between parents and their babies.

Lisa creates music, books and other products that support calming and heartfelt experiences for pregnant and new mothers and families, and for the different stages of a baby’s development. Her work is being extended into new programs for pre-natal care, and Safe In The Arms Of Love music is currently being clinically tested in hospitals.

Lisa's keynote presentations and workshops are both educational and experiential, teaching skills for mastering a full spectrum of tools for healing. She may include: vocal and instrumental sound techniques, guided meditation, prayer, body awareness energy exercises, Kabballah and indigenous and Shamanic practices of the Tibetan, Mongolian, ancient Egyptian and Native American cultures. She is often also asked to provide joyful, ceremonial events for opening and closing conferences and events.

Lisa performs in concert.

Her harmonically embedded chanting has been described as “music that comes from before the languages divided” and “healing and sacred.” Her concerts are powerful, penetrating experiences of joy, prayer, beauty, connectivity and peace.

Working with sound has inspired Lisa to lead groups, concertize, and sing privately in remarkable sites all over the world including Chartres Cathedral in France, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the Sakya Monastery in Tibet and at sacred sites in Mongolia, Australia, the US and Europe.

Lisa works with individuals, couples and groups. She teaches in Massachusetts, California and the Netherlands and lives with her husband in Oakland, California.