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Our Product Values

Our values support heartfelt connection between parents and their babies. Each of our products reflects our awareness of how important bonding, attachment and heartfelt connection is for the optimum health of the baby, the parents and the whole family. We believe that the health and well-being of our children shapes the future of our culture. It is our collective responsibility to parents and their children to ensure that babies are safe, secure and healthy. Resonant Sounds supports the power of heartfelt relationship by creating products based on kindness and respect for human life.    

Clarity and Beauty

We believe it is important to address the powerful and impactful issues of bonding and attachment through language that is easy to read and understand. Our materials are clearly written to help foster an experience of openheartedness for the whole family including siblings, grandparents and extended family members. We know that aesthetically designed products influence receptivity.  Our products are beautifully designed with illustrations and engaging images to evoke a sense of beauty, wonder and connection.

Intentional Music

Intentional music means that a specific method has been applied to the music and sound to bring about a particular impact in the listener. In addition, all of the lyrics are written to specifically support a loving parent-infant connection. We employ the scientific principles of psycho-acoustics in the song-writing and arranging of the music to create a deeply heartfelt resonance between parents and baby. Our music encourages parents and adults to experience their own heartfelt and kind feelings as well as their connection to their baby. 

Science Based and Clinically Tested

To insure product effectiveness, we clinically test our products with parents. We believe it is important to stay abreast of current developments by tracking insights from science, psychology and modern clinical research regarding attachment and bonding.   

Customer Focused

At Resonant Sounds, we actively seek and listen to parents’ feedback and experiences. We use your experience as guidance to help make our products better. Additionally, we provide a variety of classes, resources and information in response to the customer’s needs.


Bonding and attachment are cross-cultural issues and we are sensitive to cultural differences. We employ recognized multi-cultural artists to sing our songs. Our products cut across cultural, spiritual and religious boundaries by focusing on the universal need for bonding and attachment between parent and child. Our beliefs are non-sectarian and non-denominational.

Health and Wellness

Creating products for healthy bonding and attachment is our joy. We delight in encouraging parents to take the time to reflect upon their values and their parent/child relationships. When parents invest in becoming more self-aware and responsive to their babies needs, the bond they create with their children deepens. This connection can profoundly influence and impact the health and well being for all concerned.