Bonding with Baby: Can Everyone Do It?

Not everyone was truly bonded with their parent as an infant. With the influx of technology and distractions, this may at times seem difficult.


Your Heartbeat Brings You and Baby Closer

Different cultures have different ways of bringing baby into the world. Your heartbeat can help de-stress baby, relax baby, and bring baby closer to you.

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• Your Amazing Voice
Vocal Sound Healing™
• Healing Others
• Utilizing Positive Intention Music™

Adapted from true stories, Can You hear Me Baby? Stories of Sex, Love and OMG Birth! is a play with music that gets to the heart of the humorous, stressful, loving, sexy, challenging, very funny, sometimes heart wrenching,  joyously miraculous and always life changing experiences of birth.

Audience reaction to Can You Hear Me Baby?

A beautiful montage set to "For the Rest of Our Lives" (sung by Skylar Jett) is the perfect heart warmer!


This video is a powerful reminder of how your time and attention is so important to your child's development. ("Always in Your Heart" is sung by Lisa Rafel.)