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“Every child and mother should have this heartwarming music which offers valuable tools for enhancing the critical bonding and connection between mother and child. This bond is deeply healing. Safe in the Arms of Love gives parents clear heartfelt guidance that will help them reconnect with their baby every time they listen. Highly recommended!”

Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute Clinical Professor of Medicine,
University of California, San Francisco


Safe in the Arms of Love is simply beautiful. These songs go right to the heart, allowing you to relax, open up, and find an oasis of calm in your daily routine. My wish would be for every pregnant and nursing mother to bathe herself and her baby in these heartwarming songs.

Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom Of Menopause and
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Safe in the Arms of Love is an exceptional combination of beautiful music and inspiring information especially created to enhance the deep bond between parent and child. This thoughtful book and gentle resonance evoked by this music can help in the development of a secure attachment that will benefit the baby throughout his or her life."

Authors of Your Amazing Newborn, Bonding and The Doula Book

“As every parent recognizes, there is an innate sense of rhythm in everychild. The constantly varying rhythms of heart beat and breath, tuned to mom’s emotions, supply a rich, 24/7 symphony in the womb. To no one’s surprise, research has shown a powerful impact of music on mood and the physiology of the human heart. Listening to Safe in the Arms of Love, I am profoundly reminded of the importance of protecting the sacred bond between newborn and mother, and providing music to complement an experience that will influence the course of a lifetime. This music is beautiful, gently uplifting and peaceful, and perfectly sets the mood for mother and baby to bond in a relaxed and emotionally supportive environment.”

Chief of Cardiology, Stamford Hospital, and
Director of Integrative Cardiology, the Center for Health and Wellness

“As both a psychiatrist and mother, I can attest to the critical importance of healthy bonding. If you are a new parent, or about to be a new parent, drop everything and experience the beauty and impact of Safe in the Arms of Love. This is great music to support the bonding process and deepen the relationship between parents and newborn.”

Author of Eight Weeks to Vibrant Health

“When certain music is added to the chaotic newborn environment, it can become a “settling embrace”, bringing a calming message of hope and self-confidence. Safe in the Arms of Love fills the gap many new parents experience of not having their mothers to help and advise them during this important transition. As a new grandmother, if I were unable to be there for my son and his wife, I would hope that someone would put Safe in the Arms of Love into their hands. It is nothing short of magical”.

OBGYN and Functional Medicine

“Every once in a while, a new body of work comes along that jumps beyond what has been done before. Safe in the Arms of Love is a powerful, tender and heart-opening mix of songs and music that moves the parent and cradles the child. In my work with men, this music has become a valuable tool in connecting them to their experience as a father as well as to their own inner child.”

Clinical Psychologist, Director, Los Angeles Men’s Center


“As a mother who nursed four children and being a therapeutic musician myself, I love the ebb and flow of this recording, and I can easily imagine a mom and baby being drawn ever more deeply into peaceful connection. I was deeply touched by the tenderness of Lisa Rafel’s songs and the expressiveness of the singers’ performances.

Executive Director, Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc.